Should you not also share the holy love of God?

by Joe on Mar 02, 2017


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March 2017,

When I was only seven years old, my mom told me to go to China, Mongolia and Russia. I answered "Yes!" But I did not know what she meant. She insisted that I go to North Korea, but I still did not know the meaning. Over the course of 10 years I have come to understand little by little what my mom said. But I did not tell anyone that story. I did not share the story that for me to go to North Korea I had to go to America. At last I immigrated to the United States in 1967.

In 1981, when I first traveled to Southeast Asia, I did not tell anyone that I should be doing Chinese missions. Even after I became a pastor, I never shared my plans for missions with anyone. In 1983, even after my missionary training, I did not share my thoughts or ideas with anyone. That year I went to China but I kept it secret for a long time traveling to China. I did not know why I had to share it. I did not like to tell others stories about myself. In 1985, I went to China again, but I did not reveal the facts. I have delivered the Word of God and have heard their suffering.

I had a lot of experience doing God's work, but I did not share it with anyone. I still do not share practical experiences. The reason I am very cautious is that when I went to China for the first time and shared in the States what I shared went on the radio. Chinese government officials heard and the person who met me was tortured. Since then, I have completely been confidential not disclosing any contents of my ministry. I believed that I am only to speak the word of God, and I am still doing just that.

I took casual pictures, but I did not take a picture of the workers. I did not tell others about things to do with the region and the province or ministry. Because of that, I was misunderstood and I was hated and people were jealous. But the word of God must be communicated and it is still going on. I do not enjoy sharing and sharing especially stories about myself.

It is because my purpose is to enter China or North Korea. People do not know what I do. That's not important. The important thing is to be able to do what God wants. The purpose of visiting China is to communicate the word of God and comfort the workers. That's all. I believe that I can only bear the duty that is given to me. I am to preach sermons, pray, lead Bible studies and encourage co-workers, but only do it in the confines of the Bible.

I was able to forgive those who had tortured me only after 13 years of watching God's work. It took me many years to forgive my father. It has taken me a long time to forgive myself.  There are a lot of local pastors who have bothered me. There are many who have made up a lie. It is now forgotten, but it took many years to forgive. They did not ask me forgiveness. But I had to forget. I had to erase it from my mind. I was sorry, but I wanted to resemble the Lord. I wanted to forgive like Jesus did.

When I wanted to spit at the Japanese and Chinese out of hatred, the Lord asked, "Can you not forgive those I forgave?" Then, when I entered North Korea, I was changed. It is I myself who has changed while delivering the Bible to the souls of North Korea and China.

To help me love, God sent me into the mission field for 32 years making me suffer as to cry out for the lost souls by being beaten, going hungry, enduring cold, and being pulling out of a ditch during the snow.

"God is great" who makes a miserable man into a forgiving person. And to make an ugly person like me to a loving person. I can only confess that "my cup is overflowing" in the holiness of God who is molding me to love. The love of God poured out on me is big and bigger. So, I deliver the Bible and distribute Christian books. I teach the Word and raise people to God. I train, send missionaries and plant seminaries. God's church is being built through them.

I have a responsibility to share the great love of God that has been poured to me to North Korea, China, Mongolia, Russia, Arabia and Israel.

Should you not also share the holy love of God?



Your faithful partners,


Isaac and Peter

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