Counting God's blessing for the year 2016

by Joe on Mar 02, 2017


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February 2017,

Slaves hate to have more work, but sincere servants take it as their blessing and grace. It is because they are thankful that the Lord is still using them. And the wise manage their jobs without haste.

Cornerstone Ministries International had the last staff meeting on December 2016 at Joo Moon Island Training Center.  We gathered together, praised, prayed, listen to sermon and had time to hear the annual report of our mission.  We were surprised with those reports, because we realized that God has led us to do unbelievable amount of work in the year 2016.

God let us to dig wells, opened door to provide coals, fed meals to 6000 North Korean children, make Kimchee, send medicines and clothes, let the orphans study and enter the upper grade at schools.  Most importantly, God led and protected us to deliver Bibles to North Korea.

God had led us to work despite dangerous situations of escaping from surveillance.  He did let us publish and deliver the Bible in North Korean language and Messiah Cartoon Bible translated into various foreign languages.  He also let us to help North Korean Underground church be planted under His guidance and protection.  Some workers who were arrested and imprisoned during the Bible delivery, got free and confessed that it was part of training from God.  God allowed 68 missionaries to minister in 22 cities within 13 different countries.

God raised prayer warriors for North Korea in South Korea and U.S.  He sent workers serving not only North Korea and China, but also including Israel, Pakistan, Viet Nam, Russia, Mongol, Turkey, Cambodia, India and Nepal.  It was the evidence of God’s deep and genuine love toward the people of those countries.

Besides the bible delivery, God urged us to have “Disaster Response Training”.   God helped us to train the missionaries to dispatch to remote areas, also made us to broadcast in Korean, Chinese, Arabic, and in Hebrew languages.  He made us to expand the Underground Seminaries and Pyongyang International Seminary.  It was God himself who made us to do all these things.

God led us to deliver his message in Korea, China, Japan and the U.S.  He kept us be healthy while travelling to all these places.  It was solely God Himself who carried out all these tasks. 

I also want to share our testimony that we have had strong attack from Satan.  The Satan attacks the health of missionaries and their families.  We need timely financial support and need much wisdom to accomplish all these missions.  We need offices and worshipping spaces, need guest house for missionaries when visiting the headquarters, living and mission expenses.  Workers need visas and legal status during their stay in foreign countries.

May we be able to sing “Hallelujah” chorus in Pyongyang on 2017 Christmas!  May we be able to march “From Jerusalem to Pyongyang together with N. Korean Christians!  Let God strongly touch Christians’ heart to participate together to finish His work! We pray in Jesus’ Name.

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