More souls can be saved through one word, one Bible and one gospel broadcast

by Joe on Mar 02, 2017


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December 2016,

A few years ago, a missionary translated the Bible into Mongolian.

I have been told that he is not able to publish because he did not have enough funding.

When I asked, what can I do to help? He said, "Do you call that a question?" I asked for I thought it was my duty to help him.

When an American living in the Soviet Union requested 276 copies of the Old Russian version of the Bible, I did not hesitate but to find, purchase and send it to him.  It was all because of belief that the Word of God saves lives. They are being abused by Chinese ethnic Chinese, dragged into prison, The reason for delivering the Bible despite the beatings, dragged into prison and verbal abuse from the ethnic Korean Chinese is because that a soul will be saved by the bible.

When Campus Crusade for Christ requested for me to distribute “JESUS Film” to China, I carried out the distribution thinking, “If only the Gospel can be shared…”  When the Chinese Christians were using a mimeograph to make the Sunday bulletin, I purchased a mimeograph made in Germany and deliver it to them thinking, “Even this is a way to expand God’s kingdom!”

When I started Bible delivery in the year 1985, flannelgraph board story telling was a precious treasure. I strained my ligament delivering the flannelgraph board. I smuggled the cassette copying machine and tens of people have been mobilized to disassemble the parts for smuggling operation. And it felt like radio smuggling was yesterday, but now the we are living in an age where radio can be heard on smartphones. Purchasing broadcasting equipment and printing Gospel Balloon in New York for delivery to North Korea began in the year 1993. I smuggled in few of the Gospel balloons to Pyongyang. And I prayed earnestly that whoever read the Gospel balloon will accept Christ to be saved.

Augustine was converted by hearing a child’s voice. One missionary who is now in Russia was old and was lonely at seminary. So, as he was walking alone looking bitterly at the ground, he saw a piece of abandoned red paper. The paper was the first flyer from the first Cornerstone Ministries Mission School. Because of the flyer, he became a missionary.

Have you ever wondered how many people a Bible can save? I know how much influence a person’s life can have upon a neighbor for I have experienced it.  The same person who said, “Now you do not have to bring the Bibles for Korean Chinese” said that “But is there any Chinese Commentary Bible?” There are countless needs for this bible and I cannot say how many?”    However, wouldn’t it be wonderful to give a Chinese Commentary Bible to each preacher and teachers? That grandma has recently passed away in her 90s. In fact, when I was asked one Commentary Bible per pastor, I was overwhelmed. “Who can translate and edit this grand Chinese Commentary Bible? Can I do a good job? Who will pay for the cost?”  As I worried about this grand scope of work, God impressed in my heart that the impact of one commentary bible will have upon Chinese Christian leaders to rise to shine… it did not take so long for me to decide even with the fear of stopping in the middle of work. However, there were many difficulties to translate and publish. Now that Chinese Commentary Bible is being distributed to the entire Chinese Churches.

One volume that contains God’s Word and commentary. Would you not invest in this bible if you can train and send a person as a reaper of soul for the harvest? Thus, I took a young North Korean defector to Israel. Consequently, a mission center was established in Israel.  And there were requests for me to bring young persons for training offering us to use a retreat center in China and prayer center in Japan.

We need a place to raise that one person. I want to do anything to save a soul.

Unification did not happen risking my life to shout, “The Way of the Cross” at the truce village in North Korea. However, that moment one NK soldier who heard me that hour on that day asked me for a handshake and blinked saying, “I am a Christian.” Did not this happen among those who received the gospel balloon?

Yes, there was.

In Pyongyang Koryo Hotel, I said fearlessly, “I came to forgive.” One of the Communist Party members said, “Can I be forgiven too?” The next day, he came to see me. I pray that more souls can be saved through one word, one Bible, one gospel broadcast to North Korea, China, ethnic minorities, Arabs, and Israel. Please pray together for a soul to be saved.


Very truly,


Isaac and Peter

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